Monday, August 19, 2013

Utah Bankruptcy Do's and Dont's

Bankruptcy Do's:

  • Do be open and honest with your attorney — We handle all personal information matters with confidentiality and privacy. Be sure to tell us everything so we can file your bankruptcy petition accurately.
  • Do continue making payments on property you wish to keep — If you are in default, your creditors can repossess the vehicle or begin foreclosure on your home. We can help even up to the last moment, but it is best to avoid it altogether.
  • Do consider adjusting your tax withholding status — The goal is to get close to no refund. If you get a refund, it is considered an asset in Chapter 7 or could affect your Chapter 13 plan.

Bankruptcy Don'ts:

  • Don't use your credit cards — Once you decide to file bankruptcy, do not incur additional debt that you cannot pay. In some cases, that debt may not be discharged. You should not use your credit cards within 90 days of filing.
  • Don't hide your property — Even though you may fear losing your property, transferring it to another person may be seen as fraudulent.
  • Don't pay off personal loans — If you owe money to family members, now is not the time to repay them. Let the bankruptcy court determine the priority of your creditors and handle it through the proper channels.
  • Don't spend your retirement money — You have worked hard and do not want to lose the nest egg you have saved for retirement. By taking an early withdrawal from those accounts, however, you face penalties and taxes. It is not worth it. In fact, retirement accounts are often exempt in bankruptcy.

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